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Marked Man…

Seems like a lifetime ago. Pondering the days of yesterday was never something I did on a regular basis. Yet today, I am filled with yesterdays reminders as I stroll through my Nubian home. Home. I poured another glass of Brandy as I thought about that word. This really wasn’t a home anymore. A home is filled with love and laughter. The Galactic Civil War has pretty much put a stop to that. It wasn’t a home anymore. It was more of an empty domain these days, shielding me from the world’s issues.

I sat in front of the fireplace, sipping my Brandy. My eyes watching the flickering light and listening to the cracking sounds that emitted from it. Once again, my mind slipped into the past. The fire in front of me gave me a complicated mixed feeling of both peace and outrage at the same time…

I can see her there, by the firelight as I sampled for materials deep into the night. She cared for me as I got weak, keeping me on my task. The countless times we camped together in some far off wilderness during our hunts or to just get away from it all. She was always there. We shared much more than just a friendship.

The sounds of fireworks echoing outside jolted me from my thoughts. I went upstairs through the bedroom to view the lights in the sky from the balcony. I stood in awe as a nearby city was celebrating. What they were celebrating was beyond me, but the colorfully lit and exploding sky reminded me of her again.

Bela Vistal was the place. The event was a musical performance, put on by some of the galaxies finest dancers and musicians. We sat amongst the crowds watching, laughing and cheering the performers. Afterwards, we sat at the edge of the colorful fountains, watching the grand finale of the firework show. It was there and then I gave her a ring. It was a ring of companionship and love. A ring manufactured by Penumbra’s own Fallon, from the finest rare materials. My world was complete.

My smile faded from my face as the last explosion of lights died into the Nubian sky. Darkness settled in. I felt cold.

“This is UNACCEPTABLE Quayzar!” the Colonel’s voice echoed in my head. I stood in disbelief, wondering why this was such a big deal as compared the Galactic Civil War.
“I will not tolerate your lack of loyalty to this war. Keep your emotions in check and concentrate on the task at hand, not on a Female OFFICER! This ends TODAY! And to ensure that you are fully compliant with this order, I have personally placed a bounty on your head and hers to terminate both of your existences from this galaxy if you don’t.”

I looked over my left shoulder to see an armored individual. He nodded slightly at me, clutching his Carbon. Bounty Hunters were a strange breed. They had no allegiance to either side. Just a deep seeded greed to do anything for monetary gain. And even though I couldn’t see his face, I knew he was smiling. He was just waiting in anticipation for me to cross that line so he could profit from it.
I turned back towards the Colonel to say something, anything in my defense.

“Do not utter a single word!” his stern words cut me off. “There is no debate on this issue”, he said slamming his fists onto the desk between us.

I could feel the rage inside me building. My mind raced as I played out scenarios in my mind. Killing the Colonel would be treason. Besides, the Bounty Hunter was ready to strike if I flinched. Was I fast enough to take both of them out? No, there must be a better way.
I nodded towards the Colonel, giving him my reluctant acceptance to his wishes. I turned and removed myself from his office.

The next few days after that meeting, I wandered throughout the Galaxy. Hunting, fishing or manufacturing goods for my vendor. Just about anything to keep my mind busy instead of pondering on the past. That is, until I found myself here on Naboo. I was startled out of my trance by the beeping of my Data Pad. I looked down on it to see a message from Barlow. “Drinks on the house” the text glowed. A small smile came across my face. I tended to the house maintenance and headed out towards Theed.

As I approached the capital of Naboo though, I noticed that my Swoop was not performing well. A quick stop at the local garage was in order before I headed to Coronet. While at the garage, the mechanic quickly diagnosed the issue. A tracking device was interfering with the propulsion unit. I hung my head, knowing why it was there.

“Removing the device will render the Swoop useless,” the mechanic commented.
“Do me a favor would you?” I handed the mechanic some credits, “Destroy it.”
The mechanic, without hesitation, took my credits. “You got it”.

Entering my old stomping grounds brought an overwhelming comfort to me. The Musicians and Dancers performing always knew how to entertain the crowds. I passed by several dancers, giving me their seductive looks, enticing me to watch. But I was there for a drink. Not entertainment.

“You have caused quite a stir these past few weeks,” the bartender winked.
“You know?’ I quickly asked him.
“I am a bartender Hurst, I know a lot more than you may realize,” he chuckled, knowing I was giving him a hard time.
“Thanks,” I said accepting the drink he slid to me, “But I am just here for the free drinks” I mumbled, raising my glass to him. I downed the first drink and passed it back to him.
“Slow down there soldier,” he smiled.

He slid another drink to me and then tapped 3 fingers on the counter before attending to other patrons. Barlow and I always had this sixth sense. We knew what the other was thinking or passed info along to each other oblivious to the people around us. Tonight was no exception. There were 3 Bounty Hunters in the Cantina. I surmised that they probably showed up shortly after I had my swoop destroyed.
I scanned the smoke filled room casually. No doubt, Barlow was right. I swung back towards the bar, finishing my drink and started wondering how to remove myself from this Bounty on my head. There seemed no way out.

Barlow pulled a glass from under the counter and filled it in front of me.
“One more and you will be all set,” he mumbled.

I began tipping the glass towards my lips when something caught my eye. There, etched into the bottom of the glass were words “Forgive Me”. I continued drinking down the beverage, staring into the bottom of the glass at the words. What did it mean?

I began to feel dizzy. The glass slipped from my hand and crashed on the floor.
“You okay?” Barlow said looking concerned. But things began to get blurry. I could hear some shuffling around me. I couldn’t focus on anything. The room began to move. Colors were blending into one another. I tried to stand up…
“Grab Him!”


Remembering Rori…

It isn’t often I visit here. Once in a while, I find my Swoop headed into this direction for no other reason than for me to get away. My asylum from life’s issues, I find myself with a glass of Brandy, sitting on the front entrance to what once was a house full of life and laughter. I watch as the sun nears the edge of the lake in front of me. It has always been a beautiful sight. I built this home on Naboo just for this reason. The land is peaceful and the sunsets spectacular. But tonight, my mind jettisons me into the past…

Penumbra was the only place I wanted to be. My vendor sales were moderate, and with the addition of the vendor located near Coronet, I was all set. These things will keep a person busy. Between stocking, building and sending out Thank You notes, I failed to realize that my stock of Wooley Hide had diminished to nothing. After collecting my gear, I contacted my fellow citizens to find a good place to hunt.

“Rori has some great Wooley Hide,” a digitized voice replied. “Would you like some company?”
“Sure”, I said, not really wanting the company but not wanting to be rude either. Besides, killing Tortons would be a challenge for me. I would need all the help I could get.

I jumped on the next flight out to Restuss. It is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. I weaved my way through the glorious buildings to a nearby Mission Terminal. There, standing by it, was an armored figure. I presumed, my hunting partner. I dismounted from my swoop and introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Hurst. Good to meet ya”, I said.
“I know”, the armored figure replied in a low tone, “I’m Skyee. Glad to meet you finally.”

We spent most of that night hunting Tortons and skinning them for their hide. After many hunts, I built a camp for us to rest.

“Thanks for the company. These Tortons are a bit tougher than I expected.”
“My pleasure,” my hunting partner replied, pulling off the helmet. There, in the fire light, I realized I had been hunting with a woman. Her long blonde hair and captivating eyes took me by surprise. The shocked look on my face must have given me away.

“What’s wrong? Never hunted with a woman before?”

“Not with your skills,” I smiled, “And if you don’t mind me being a bit forward, especially not with one who is as attractive as you are.”

She seemed to blush a bit. But with the ice broken between us, we continued to talk about our hunt and other adventures. As we talked, I found out that this beautiful woman was once my competitor in the weekly fishing tournaments that were held. And with that, the hunting seemed to take a back seat. We chatted deep into the night. I felt close to her, unlike any other woman I had known, as we shared some Brandy and Veghash.
We packed up our gear, in an effort to get a couple more missions completed and a few more stacks of hide before the night was over. As I followed her back to Restuss, my mind couldn’t stop thinking of her. Her eyes melted me. This all seemed too good to be true. My mind was engulfed in euphoria, but I should have been paying attention to where I was going. From out of nowhere, I found myself thrown to the ground. My body skipped along the Rorian ground, the grass blades making tiny cuts into my skin as I slowed to a stop, lying on my back, staring at the stars. All went black…

With the sun dipping deep into the water’s edge, I snapped out of my trance and glanced down at my now empty glass. I smiled a bit to myself, “She loves her Brandy”.

Cantina Life…

Life in a Cantina can be a tireless, thankless way of making a living. Some enjoy the atmosphere, the conversations and some even enjoy the drunken rants by the local patrons, blurting crazy comments to the crowd. If you are the type of person that likes to people watch, then this is the place to be. Recruiters, Guild Leaders, City Mayors and Warriors alike always find their way to a Cantina for either solicitation, healing or the ever popular mind enhancement. Usually, you can hook up with a group of like minded people to enjoy your evening with. But for most Entertainers, the long nights of playing or dancing leave one with just a few measly credits and an exhausted body.
On the very rare occasion though, one finds themselves not caring about their surroundings. And instead, they are catapulted into another dimension inside the smoke filled, alcohol induced chaos that a Cantina has to offer. It was there, in this uncharted dimension, that he found himself. This area of inspiration was new to the young man from Talus. And he wasn’t sure how to handle this motivation that was rising up inside of him. He looked down into his hand at the few credits he was able to acquire through the night.

Barlow watched the young man as he appeared to be counting his money. Without hesitation, the kind bartender slid 200 credits across the bar towards Cruuze.

“What’s this for?” Cruuze questioned looking at the credits.
“You might think I am just an uneducated bartender, but I’m not stupid to life around me,” Barlow replied, “Consider it a gift for your entertainment,” he continued.

Cruuze wasn’t one for handouts, but he nodded towards Barlow and gathered up the credits.

“Thanks,” he smiled, “I will pay you back. I promise.”
“No need Cruuze,” Barlow replied, turning away to tend to other patrons.

Cruuze returned to Bazaar to purchase the items he was looking for. After a quick change of clothes, he returned inside the Cantina. Hesitantly and without any eye contact, he made his way through the crowd to stand next to the woman he was watching earlier and began to play. He said nothing, as he watched her from the corner of his eye.

“Nice pants,” she finally said, looking at Cruuze’s bright red slacks.
Cruuze stopped playing briefly, to give her his full attention.
“Thanks. You have a nice outfit on as well,” he mumbled, excited that she had spoke to him. “I’m…”
“Cruuze. Yes I know who you are,” She smiled at him. “I’m Darkisst.”
“So I have been told,” he smiled back pointing towards Barlow. “You don’t mind me playing next to you do you?”
“Not at all. You sure you won’t get into trouble from the other one?” she remarked as she danced.

Cruuze just kind of shook his head. He knew exactly who she was talking about.

“We were just friends,” he tried to explain, “Besides, from what I have been told, she hasn’t been in here for a very long time. Guess she moved on.”
“So, I suppose I am your alternate choice of females in here?” she continued with a smile on her face.
“Umm..,” Cruuze stammered a bit. The perception had preceded him about his Cantina relationships. “It’s not like that,” he explained, feeling as if he was in a no win situation, “We were just friends sharing our interests in the Entertainment field.”
“Uh-huh,” she replied, not letting him off the hook.
“If you want me to leave you alone, I will,” Cruuze explained, thinking she wasn’t about to give him the time of day, let alone, play next to her.
“You’re fine right where you are,” she said while performing a cute twirling maneuver as she danced.
“Okay,” Cruuze smiled as he lifted the Fizz to his mouth.

During the course of the night, Darkisst danced as Cruuze played. Some of the Cantina patrons watched the both of them as they seemed to be in sync with each other, responding and feeding off of each others’ energy.

During short breaks in the action, they would retreat to quieter, less congested side room of the Cantina to share a little of each others history, background, cut up with a few jokes and enjoying each others company. They had even realized that they were apart of the same guild. At first, they were both a bit reserved in what they wanted to disclose. But after several glasses of Brandy and the more time they spent together, the more openly they talked about their lives.
Night after night, they would find each other through the crowds. And with each passing night, Cruuze found himself mystified by Darkisst.

“We should take our act on the road,” Darkisst suggested one night.
“Sounds good to me,” Cruuze said, excited about traveling to new planets with her. Talus was the only planet he had been to, besides Corellia and experiencing others with her seemed like an adventure he would truly enjoy.

During their nightly rendezvous in the Coronet Cantina, they discussed their traveling plans. First on the list was going to be Theed, Naboo. Naboo has always been a beautifully landscaped planet, lush with rolling green hills and peaceful nature. The Cantina however, proved to be a different world than they expected. It wasn’t as joyful and exhilarating as one would expect. There wasn’t a “Buzz” about the place like it was in Coronet, and the crowds were a fraction of what they were use to. As for the he patrons,  they too were not as friendly as Cruuze had expected. On a couple of evenings, the patrons were rude to Darkisst as she danced there alone, waiting for Cruuze’s arrival. And after only a handful of nights there, they decided it best to return to Coronet, Corellia where they felt more welcomed and at home.

Things were seemingly back to normal for them until the travel itch come over Cruuze. But this time, it wasn’t a planet he wanted to travel to, but a city. Prenumbra, Corellia was the Guild’s city, built from the sweat and hard work of many of its founding residents.

Armed with a few custom made outfits tailored by Prenumbra’s own Fallon, Cruuze and Darkisst stood at the Crazy Durnie’s bar, looking over the nicely decorated Cantina and empty stage.
The Cantina was eerily empty with the exception of Macee, who was focused on her decorating tasks.

“This is going to be great,” Cruuze said, fearful, yet excited about this new experience. “It just feels right,” he smiled surveying the cantina’s layout.
Darkisst slowly slid her hand into his and gently grasped it, “Yes it does.”


Cruuze’s Confidence…

Cruuze was deep in thought as he watched Hurst briefly speak to the bartender, then leave the Cantina. His world as he knew it had changed drastically. Thoughts flooded his brain as he replayed their conversation in his head. It was overwhelming, he needed to think and the Cantina wasn’t the place to do it. He slipped out the back exit without speaking to anyone and wandered around Coronet for days.

During that time, he had run into Hurst on several occasions. He was beginning to believe that Hurst was stalking him. But with that uneasy feeling of being stalked came a feeling of reassurance that he had a brother watching out for him. At one point, he found Hurst sampling some prime Ore within the city limits. Short conversations lead him to tell Hurst that he liked to tinker with vehicles, bikes in particular. With that knowledge, Hurst taught him to become a Master Artisan, honing his skills to build his own bikes and if he wanted, make a business for himself. Cruuze was grateful for all that Hurst had done for him. Clothing, transportation and credits were often traded to him from Hurst, for no reason at all upon every encounter. He was even invited to join Hurst in the –ES- Guild. Soon he found himself surrounded by more family than he had ever thought possible.

Over time, Cruuze came to grips with knowing about his family, his unknown past and the new family he had been accepted into. He finally pulled himself together and went back to the Coronet Cantina where he loved to play. It was why he was on Corellia in the first place, and was there that he felt more at home. The thought of a bike shop really did intrigue him, but music was his first love.

He entered the Cantina with a renewed sense of confidence, but after a quick survey, he realized that most of the people he knew were gone. But there was one person in particular.

“She’s gone”, the bartender explained, as he watched Cruuze looking over the crowd.

“Why do you think I am looking for someone?” Cruuze asked, going over to the bartender.

“Are you kidding me? Any fool in here knows that you and Eilenwe were close,” the bartender replied handing Cruuze a drink. “You in those awful purple slacks and she in that purple dress, please. She hasn’t been seen in here for days. Probably moved on like the rest of the Space Gypsies I see come through here.

“Space Gypsies?” Cruuze questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Haven’t heard that term before?” Barlow said, “All you entertainers are Space Gypsies. You guys are always bouncing from Cantina to Cantina.”

“We weren’t a couple if that’s what you are insinuating”, Cruuze explained sipping on his beverage, wondering if Barlow’s comment was an insult or compliment, “We just had fun with the crowds.”

Barlow just shook his head and moved on to other patrons. Cruuze quickly finished his drink and then found a small spot to play. He had recently replaced his Traz with a Fizz and the sound of it soothed him. Off in a corner, an old friend could be seen dancing with a female Twi’lik. We dodged other entertainers as he walked over to him.

“Aveca!” Cruuze said excited to see him, giving him a Hi-Five.

“Cruuze! I thought you were gone forever” Aveca replied, throwing a Hi-Five back, still sporting the Hawt Pants.

“Nah, just needed some time away to do some thinking. That’s all”, Cruuze replied bringing Fizz up to his lips.

“What? No Hawt Pants tonight?” Aveca questioned looking at Cruuze’s faded blue slacks.

“No, just not in the mood tonight dude,” Cruuze mumbled with his mouth on the instruments mouth piece, “But it’s all good.”

“Alright then,” Aveca smiled, “Let’s rock this place.”

During the rest of the night, Aveca trained Cruuze in the Musical Arts. As Aveca danced with Sar’jora, Cruuze played to the Cantina crowd late into the evening. The evening went well for Cruuze. He received a few credits for his talent, but not much. For him, it was all about the music now. Getting rich and being famous seemed to take a back seat to his life changing events. After a long, tiring night, he headed to the bar for a final drink before finding a place to sleep.

“Long night?” Barlow asked, placing a drink in front of Cruuze.

“Yes it has Barlow, but it’s going well. Thanks,” Cruuze said picking up the drink and staring off into the distance. He found himself deep in thought. Again, remembering the past few days’ events. His thoughts were interrupted as something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He turned to see a beautiful brunette, slowly dancing by herself in a bright red dress. Her dancing was hypnotic. He slowly finished his drink as he continued to watch her. He even smiled a bit, as he thought he saw her wink at him. He blushed a little, but couldn’t turn away.

Barlow replaced the empty glass with a full one. He looked at Cruuze, over to the young lady, then back to Cruuze.

“Another one?” Barlow said sarcastically.

“She seems different Barlow. But I can’t really pinpoint it. She is enticing by the way she moves,” Cruuze replied not taking his eyes off of her.

“She has been dancing in here for a long time. You have been too focused on training and your music to even notice her,” Barlow informed him, wiping down the bar with his towel, “Just go over and talk to her.”

“ I need an ice breaker. You know, a reason to go over there,” Cruuze said, trying to come up with a witty line.

“Change those faded slacks of yours to a nice pair of red ones that matches her dress, and then just start playing next to her. If there’s a connection to be made, it will come naturally,” Barlow continued to say, playing matchmaker.

“If it makes it any easier, she already knows your name,” he continued, but Cruuze was unresponsive. Cruuze just stood there, mesmerized by this woman.

“Darkisst,” Barlow said poking Cruuze out of his adoring stare.

“Huh?” Cruuze said without looking at Barlow.

“Her name is Darkisst…”


Inevitable Encounter…

My plan was simple. A little rest and relaxation was in order. One would think that wading through the swarm of musicians, dancers and the cantina regulars would be a challenge, but I found my way to the bar with ease. Leaning against the bar, I scanned the Cantina scene. I smiled as I saw everyone having a great time. Walmart Sally was in rare form tonight, with a line of patrons waiting their turn to have their mind enhanced by her musical and dance skills. I admired her dedication. Every time I had been there, so was she. She seemed to be there night and day, dedicated to the entertainer business and her patrons.

“What’ll it be Bub?” the bartender spoke, jilting me from my people watching.

“Jawa Beer please,” I calmly said looking over my shoulder towards the bar keep.

“Hurst? We I’ll be. Didn’t recognize you”, the bartender’s usually emotionless face quickly smiled. “When did you get into town?”

“Just a few minutes ago Barlow,” I smiled back. “Better keep that smile hidden. Some of these characters in here may try to take advantage of you.”

“Oh trust me,” he said filling a glass, “They don’t know me like you do. And I would like to keep it that way.” His smile slipped away, “Okay?”

“Your secret is safe with me,” I smiled, taking the glass of beer from him.

Barlow ended up being one of my best friends during the hard times after Camaro passed away. It was a horrible time in my life with no direction or reason to continue. Even with a name change and months of being in seclusion, he recognized me. My secret identity was safe with him and he proved it on several occasions. Even though he presented himself as a pistol packing Teras Kasi master that didn’t take any crap from anybody, I knew him as a kind friend. Always someone I could rely on in times of need and to keep any secrets. And he was well aware that I would do the same for him. Not that we had any secrets that were appalling, just that we both wanted our true selves concealed among the masses in a strange and unpredictable galaxy. He was also the one who encourage me to carry on my sisters business as an Architect.

“A lot of new faces,” I noted, waving my finger to the crowd with the glass in my hand.

“Always,” Barlow huffed. Then as if time itself stood still, he leaned over to me. “There is one character that frequents this place that looks a lot like you.”

“Really?” I questioned, trying not to show my rising interest. “What’s his background?”

“Don’t know. He was just like any other entertainer in here. You know the type. Head full of dreams and empty pockets”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I almost whispered as I leaned over to him from across the bar. “You didn’t do an Identity Check on him like you do everyone else? Man you are slipping,” I smiled.

“Actually, I thought he was you incognito. Didn’t want to cause a stir,” he said raising his eyebrows, nodding and looking towards a shirtless gentleman wearing purple slacks walking up to the bar.

I held my tongue and turned away as the gentleman approached the bar. I heard him placed a couple of credits on the bar, “May I get a drink with whatever this will buy me?”

I watched as Barlow folded his arms in disgust. I knew by his look that the couple of credits weren’t enough to buy anything behind the bar. I took in a deep breath and turned towards Barlow, placing more credits on the bar. Barlow nodded and went to retrieve the gentleman a drink.

“Here you go Cruuze,” Barlow said, presenting him the drink.

“Thank you sir,” he said, nodding towards me. The name took me even deeper into my thoughts. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the resemblance that Barlow noted. I was anxious, but kept my sense of calmness as I turned to get a full look at him. I could tell by his expression that he thought the same thing as I did. We did look a lot alike.

“No Problem,” I answered. I pointed down to his old Traz, “Play here much?”

“Just started a few weeks ago,” He said taking the beverage from the bartender and drinking it down quickly. He sat the mug down, and then grabbed a napkin to wipe the sweat from his brow. I looked at Barlow and nodded towards the empty mug. He understood and quickly scooped up the mug, then headed off into the back room.

“Where you from?” I questioned, trying to decipher my inner feelings.

“Talus originally. Wow this place is happening tonight huh?” he said, trying to change the subject. I could tell I was making him feel uneasy by the way I was watching him.

“Talus is a nice planet,” I replied, drinking a little from my glass. “How long did you live there?”

Cruuze looked at me, “Why all the questions?”

“Just curious. It’s my nature.” I quickly lied.

I glanced towards the back of the bar to see Barlow standing there with a ghostly blank expression on his face.

“Here,” I said placing more credits on the bar, “Have another drink.” Cruuze nodded in thanks and I proceeded back to the bartender.

“I don’t know how to say this,” he whispered as I approached.

“I already know,” I said trying to set him at ease. “I just wanted confirmation. And by that expression on your face, I believe I have it.”

“How, when, what the…,” He stumbled over his words in amazement looking at his Data Analyzer.

‘Tell you later my friend,” I smiled. “Take care of him?”

“You know I will Hurst,” he said acting as if I were the crazy one.

“Thanks. Now to reveal this to him,” I sighed. I was excited, yet I didn’t know how this stranger was going to take the news I had to offer.

I returned to Cruuze, still standing at the bar. His second mug was nearly gone. I took in a deep breath again, “Cruuze, can we go talk somewhere quiet?”

I could tell he was a bit apprehensive about my request. He looked down at my FWG5 Pistol, then back at me.

“No worries. Here Barlow,” I said pulling the weapon from its holster and placing it on the bar. Barlow quickly slid the weapon out of view and tucked it away behind the bar.


“Sure. I guess so.” Cruuze said, still nervous of why I wanted to chat.

There, on a cool evening in the back room of the Coronet Cantina, I explained who I was. Stories of the Galactic War, my past adventures and the people I had encountered. I then proceeded to describe to him, my parents and my sister. He listened intently as I went into detail, their deaths and how I ended up on Corellia.

“My last name is Quayzar as well,” I finally announced. There was a long silence and a slight shock to his face, but it quickly faded. I could tell that he had the same intuition as I did.

“Seems Camaro had a fraternal twin I didn’t know about,” I somewhat concluded, hoping that Cruuze would make the connection. I didn’t want to just come out and say it. Doing so seemed a bit abrupt. If he made the connection, he would come to terms with the information easier.

“When?” he questioned.

“When did I find out? A few weeks back when I visited Theed. I know that this not the sort of thing you were expecting tonight. Believe me, neither was I,” I said calmly.

“I’m not sure how to reply,” Cruuze said, dazed and confused.

“Everything okay here?” Barlow said as he approached with two drinks.

“We’re good. Thanks. And, can I get my pistol back?”

“Sure,” he cracked a smile and looked at Cruuze. Cruuze seemed like he was in a state of shock, but I could sense that he had accepted this life changing news.

“You don’t have to say anything Cruuze. It will take a bit for it to sink in and sort out. Just know this, now that we have met, you can count on me if you need anything. Okay?”

“Okay,” he said quietly, “Thanks…brother.”


Penumbra, Corellia…

Mayor Reifirup meticulously coordinated the city’s layout as civic buildings and homes started populating the landscape. Oddwan, the Guild Leader of -ES-, also provided the much needed support and direction as residents began to flood to the new city. Designing and building a new city was a daunting task, but they shaped the city flawlessly.

I patiently waited my turn as residents were being assigned housing and then proclaiming their residency. Looking at all the housing possibilities, I had made a decision to go with the 2 room dark Corellian style home. It would satisfy my needs. But as I looked up and down the Main Streets, there were none.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Hurst,” a female reptile said approaching me.

“It is worth the wait, Oddi,” I smiled as I recognized the kind Trandoshan.

“So, pick your home,” she said pointing up and down the street.

“I was looking for a dark 2 room Corellian. Do you have any already built?” I questioned, already knowing that I hadn’t seen any from where I was standing.

“No, but I do have a Deed that you can build. We just need to find you a plot of land.”

We jumped on our Swoops and combed the city limits. I wasn’t trying to be picky, but I knew that once I built my home, I wasn’t going to move it again. Oddwan showed me a few places before we ended up next to the Guild Hall.

“This is a nice place,” she proclaimed, “As long as you don’t mind living next to the Guild Hall.”

It seemed like a nice spot indeed. “I don’t mind at all Oddi. I’ll take it.” And soon after that, I was given the proper building rights to build my home. What a great feeling it was to have a home again. After making my first maintenance deposit and registering as a resident. Oddwan motioned for me to go into the Guild Hall.

I followed her as she approached the Guild Terminal. A couple of signatures and confirmation Comlinks later, I had become a member of the -ES- Guild. Oddwan went on to explain about plans for group hunts and adventures as the population influx settled down.

“I look forward to it Oddi,” I said, “Thanks for everything.”

“No Problem Hurst. Have fun. I have to go, we have others waiting,” Oddwan said mounting her Swoop. She gave a quick wink and a wave as she rushed off to City Hall.

It was nice to have my own place again. Looking around at the empty rooms, I quickly imagined a functional lay-out. I was going to create a nice home and office all in one. With the few resources I had with me, I assembled and placed furniture through out the home. I spent the better part of a week traveling back and forth to Coronet, buying furniture pieces I couldn’t fabricate. And another week, sampling and retrieving resources needed for the rest of my home needs.

“Finally,” I sighed, admiring the hard work that I had put into my home.

“Time for some relaxation.”

I had worked so diligently on my home that I had forgotten the world around me or to even socialize with other residents. A quick wave to passers by was the extent of my interaction with others. I placed my furniture schematics into my briefcase that leaned against my desk and headed into downtown Prenumbra.

I spotted Oddwan near a newly built Guild Hall building next to the Shuttle.

“What is this?” I questioned, expanding my arms outward as if I were embracing the building

Oddwan smiled,”It is the new Prenumbra Mall. Do you have a Vendor yet?”

“No, not yet. Why do you ask?”

“Like I said, this will be the Prenumbra Mall. A one stop shop for collectors, drifters, wanderers and residents alike,” she smiled. “Shall I reserve you a spot?”

“I would love to have a spot inside if I may,” this news excited me. I had thought about building an Architect Business, but didn’t know where to start. It appeared as if the opportunity had presented itself to me. Who was I to not accept it?

“Well great! I will mark a spot for you inside and you can place your vendor whenever it is convenient for you”, Oddwan smiled, “We have a few vendors already and yours will be a welcomed addition.”

Things were going great. I gazed around the city to admire just how fast the city had grown.

“Wow” I thought to myself, “I have been cooped up way too long. Prenumbra was just a few buildings when I arrived. Now it’s a full blown Metropolis.”

With this thought in my head, I knew I needed a break. Unfortunately, the local ‘Crazy Durni’ Cantina proved empty. By looks of the interior, remodeling was in progress but it was coming together nicely.

Coronet was my next choice. As I stood by, waiting for the shuttle, I noticed a young woman at the mission terminal near by. She wore some basic armor pieces and seemed to be focused on her task. Her sandy blond hair, pulled back into a tight ponytail, was the color of the Tattooine Suns. A smile emerged on my face. She seemed very feminine by the way she moved, yet she meant business by the way she carried her weapon.

“Excuse me sir,” the chromed droid spoke, jolting me out of my trance, “The shuttle is now boarding.”


Entertainers’ Dream…

With nothing more than a faded pair of blue slacks, a handful of credits, a beat up old Traz and a desire to entertain, he was ready to stand on his own. He could feel the excitement in the air as he stepped out of the Starport. A smile raced across his face as he took in the hustle and bustle of Coronet. It was a far cry from the small Talus town he came from. Just like any entertainers dream, he was going to make it big and be wealthy. His friends noted his musical ability and he acquired his basic skills early in life. He seemed to be a natural. Now, he was looking to expand this knowledge.

   After talking to some locals and getting directions, he headed towards the local Cantina. Along the way, he marveled over the pristine buildings, the merchants selling their wares and a few Artisans gathering material. He wondered why he hadn’t made the leap before. The past he left behind wasn’t worth pondering on, but he found himself reflecting back over the years.

   He grew up in an orphanage with other war torn children. The Galactic War had displaced and orphaned many. They came in from all over the galaxy. He listened to other children as they described their past. He watched as other children were taken away by loving adults that wanted children, giving them a good home and a direction in life. He watched on, as this all played out in front of him on a daily basis. He kept to himself for the most part, deciding that he needed no one in his life. Music was his companion and his escape from the pain that surrounded him. He was going to do it all on his own. He had no memory of his real parents, nor did he really care. He didn’t even have that internal instinct that most have to research his past. It was in the past and it was going to stay there. There had to be a reason for his existence and that alone was what drove him.

 He weaved his way through several Swoops parked outside the Cantina door. He snickered as he noted that several of them were in need of repair. Once inside, the euphoria of the crowd overwhelmed him. It seemed that every race and talent gathered here to entertain the hunters and warriors from across the galaxy. With a big smile on his face, he made his way up to the bar.

“What can I get you?” The bartender somewhat yelled over the various musicians playing around them.

“I’m just taking it all in,” he said, scanning the entire Cantina.

“Well, if you are going to stay, you either need to dance, play, drink or get out,” the bartender barked, pointing to all of the entertainers and bar patrons.

“Gotcha,” he said turning away from the bar and watching the activity.

“Not going to get many tips looking like that,” he heard another voice next to him. He turned and did a double take at the young man with a hat. The man was wearing a pair of, what he could only describe as a pair of brightly colored shorty shorts.

“What these?” the gentleman laughed, realizing that his Hot Pants were being judged. “Around here, you need to be different to stand out in this crazy crowd. Winged Hawtpants are the ticket”.

“I see that,” he snickered.

“Don’t laugh. Not another guy in this place dares to wear a pair of these or anything like it. I’m the only guy here that can pull off this look”, the man said drinking the rest of his Jawa Beer. “I gotta get back out there. The crowd wants more. Good luck!” he said, heading out next to a young seductively dancing Twi’lik.

An evil smile came upon him. The gentleman was right. Bold and different was what would get everyone’s attention.

  He quickly headed out the Cantina door to a nearby Bazaar that he saw when he walked in. A quick browse proved successful. He slipped into his new clothes and went back inside the Cantina. He found a small spot next to the bar and began to play his battered Traz.

“Well, well, well. I thought I was the only one brave enough to wear those,” the young man with the hat said approaching him.

“You’re not the only one in here that can pull off the look,” he beamed.

“Indeed, it appears I am not,” the gentleman said, examining the light blue Hot Pants that replaced the once faded blue slacks.

Name is Aveca,” he said extending a hand.

“Cruuze, good to meet you” he said meeting Aveca’s hand with a firm hand shake.

Aveca smiled and nodded his head in acceptance. “Well Cruuze, now that we have established that we can both pull off the look, let’s rock this place!”